SL700 Laser Speed Meter

Designed and built by Unipar Services the SL700 is perhaps the most widely used hand held laser speed meter in the UK today. It has been designed with a wide range of features and carries full Home Office Type Approval for speed enforcement.

The SL700 was designed to operate as simply as possible with a one button point and shoot ability, as well as incorporate an extremely robust all aluminum construction for the most challenging of roadside environments. The operational range of the SL700 is restricted to 700-900m for evidential purposes and it is powered from just two C cells which will give around 50 hours of normal operation. We have also included on board data logging for up to 4000 events so it is ideal for traffic surveys as well as Speed Watch initiatives. It is also compatible with our compact Interactive LED display for high visibility roadside operation.

Target acquisition on the SL700 is extremely fast making the targeting of smaller vehicles such as motorcycles very easy. Vehicle speeds are displayed I the SL700s head up display as well as the main display on the side of the unit.

The SL700 is supplied in a robust case along with lanyard and data cable for connection to a PC or laptop. 

Technical Information
Compliant to Class 1 certification BS EN 60825-1 (2001)
Accuracy +/- 1mph/kph/kts
Speed Resolution +/- 1mph/kph/kts
Acquisition Time 0.5 seconds
Range Accuracy <+/- 0.2m
Range Resolution +/- 1cm
Operating Range Restricted to 10-900m for evidential purposes
Operating Temp –10C to +40C
Operating Voltage 1.9V - 3V
Weight 998g (Inc batteries)
Power supply 2 x 1.5V C cells
Battery life >50 hours (low battery warning & auto cut off)
RFI detection circuit
IP55 housing
3 digit HUD
LCD backlighting
RS232 data download port
Internal data logger
Speed threshold
Laser Jammer Indication