Dual Message Display

The dual message display designed and built by Unipar Services is intended for police operation, Speed Watch initiatives, Councils and private operators with internal road networks to monitor. It has become one of our most popular products throughout the UK for portable roadside traffic calming and driver
awareness campaigns.

When activated by a vehicle in excess of the operator selected speed threshold the display will show both the vehicles speed in real time alternating with a 'Slow Down' command (there is also the option of showing just the slow down command if preferred). The unit will continue to remain active until either
the vehicle has passed or has slowed to below the speed threshold set by the operator.

The standard display is powered by a rechargeable 12V power pack which will provide around 12 hours operation between charges and its normal operational range is up to 100m. The kit is compact enough to be housed in its hard carry case when being transported or stored. The display also has a number of
upgrades such as data capture, permanent outdoor configuration and semi permanent pole mounted operation with a secure, heavy duty battery box.

New for 2018! Unipar can now provide a Smiley Face upgrade to the standard Dual Message Display. Featuring a Smiley face for good drivers and a Sad Face for speeding drivers, these emoticons alternate between the vehicle speed in real time. Existing customers also have the option of upgrading their own Dual Message Displays to show these new characters. Please call for more information.

Technical Information
Aluminum housing and impact resistant facia.
12V power pack operation
Width 610mm
Height 470mm
Depth 43mm
Weight 7kg
Accuracy +/- 1mph
Speed range 2 - 199mph/kph
Operational time per charge @ 12 hours
Recharge time @ 6 hours