Genesis Directional Radar

The Genesis is perhaps the best all-round, directional radar available and has become the number one choice for customers throughout the UK for non enforcement operation, such as Speed Watch initiatives and speed monitoring of private road and rail networks. It is also compatible with our compact
Interactive LED display for high visibility road side operation.

With an impressive list of functions together with superb build quality the Genesis radar is a pleasure to operate and its direction selection function makes target detection simple and accurate even in the most demanding of environments.

The Genesis uses a high quality 12V rechargeable power pack which will give around 12 hours operation between charges. The Genesis also features audio Doppler assist to give even better target identification as well as automatic display back light, RFI (interference) detection and an impact resistant IP65
housing. The Genesis comes supplied in a robust carry case for easy storage and transportation.

Technical Information
Audio doppler
Auto backlit Display
Target Direction selection
RFI detector
Accuracy +/- 1 mph/kph  
Speed range 12-210 mph/kph  
Frequency 24.2 GHz  
Tuning Fork 33mph  
Operating Temp –30 to +40C  
Weight 650g  
Fully weatherproof
UK OFCOM compliance EN301489-3 EN300440-1 EN60950-1