Mini Roundel

New from Unipar Services, the Mini Roundel is a compact, lightweight addition to our traffic calming products and is ideal for general traffic as a repeater display of the speed limit in force at that location.

There are two versions available 5,10,20,30Mph and 20,30,40 mph all at the turn of a key. If required customers can specify any combination of these 5 speed limits. This makes it ideal for private sites which have lower than normal traffic speed limits typically 5&10mph, such as airports, industrial sites
MOD and private car parks whilst the 20, 30,40 mph roundels cater for 20 mph zones outside schools and general urban road networks.

The Mini Roundel can be operated permanently mounted with a mains supply or can be provided with a 12Vdc battery Box with or without the option of Solar Assist. Or simply as a portable mobile kit, consisting of the Roundel, a stand and 12V power pack in a Hard Carry Case. Once set up the display will activate automatically when traffic exceeds the pre-selected threshold.

The Mini Roundel is an effective, flexible, high quality cost effective solution to combating excessive speeding.

NOTE :- Solar Assist with Battery will not act as a substitute for 24/7 electrical supply. There will be periods when the battery charge control automatically inhibits the Roundel operation to protect the battery until sufficient charge is recovered.

Technical Information

ABS back & impact resistant polycarbonate facia
12V operation or integral
mains transformer
Wirth 350mm Height 500mm Depth 40mm
Weight 3kg
Accuracy +/- 1mph

Optional extras

Solar assist
65000 Internal Data Logging
Lockable post mounted box