Interactive 2 Digit Display

To greatly enhance any roadside traffic calming measures, Unipar Services have designed the Interactive LED Display which is specifically intended for use with our Genesis radar and SL700 laser. When connected to either device, speeds will automatically be displayed to drivers should they exceed the
operator pre set threshold.

This highly effective display has been used extensively with Speed Watch initiatives where the Genesis and SL700 are already deployed. The compact size allows it to be easily packed away into its carry case for transportation and storage and it can be re deployed within minutes with the minimum of set up
fuss. It is connected to either a Genesis or SL700 by a single cable, just connect up and the unit is ready to go. There is also the option of wireless connection which allows the operator to be remote from the display for a distance of up to 250m This highly effective unit can be driven by any existing Genesis or SL700 with no need for conversion or adjustments.

Technical Information
12v Power pack & charger
Character height 270mm
Speed Threshold control
Weight 1.7Kg
Speed range 5 199 mph/Kph
Length 51cm
Height 31cm
Depth 3cm
Mini Tripod
Carry Case