Sports Speed Display

Unipar Services Sports Display is perhaps the UKs best selling display specifically designed for a range of sports and promotional applications.

Whether the sport is football, tennis or golf this display will provide spectators and players with an accurate insight to serve speeds, tee speeds or real time speed information as the ball heads toward the net. Our displays are also used at race circuits up and down the country to provide spectators with real
time speed readings of race cars and bikes.

The display is supplied as a complete kit which includes power pack & charger, stand and hard carry case for storage and transportation. Setup is easy and takes just a few minutes and once the positioning is complete the unit will work automatically for up to 10 hours. The display features a new 'position
anywhere' detector head which allows the display to be positioned away from the antenna. This is useful for discrete positioning of the antenna in places such as golf tees, allowing the large display to be set back to prevent distraction.

In addition to the LTA, many football teams use our equipment for coaching and promotional purposes as well as commercial names such as Coca Cola, Sky sports and the Guinness Book of Records. Whatever your application, for entertainment or business, this display is the ideal choice.